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Mod: Get a load of this

Your assignment for the next theme is a bit of a whopper. And it will be fun. Its basically a scavenger hunt. And also a discovery to expand your taste in music.

Are you ready, because I am!

Series 1: Scavenger Hunt

1) Find two objects with a bunny on it
2) Something with Cu (copper)
3) A periodic table
4) Talk to two people you dont know (ask for their permission to take their picture)
5) A Star Wars poster
6) Something with the Statue of Liberty on it
7) A star
8) Office Depot employee
9) Girl scout cookie (the caramel flakey kind.. oh baybeh. Or whatever.)
10) A shirt that isnt from your state

Series 2: Pick a new music scene

Your next mission is to hunt around purevolume.com or a related sight, and find a new band you actually like. Research them and find out about the band and the members.

:: Form ::
Band Name:
Memebers and instruments played:
Favorite song by them:
A band pic (if available):
Albums produced:

This wont be the easiest thing to do but If you all are willing to try something different, Im up for it! The person who gets all 10 of the scavenger hunt wins the theme by the way.

Good idea?
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