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Theme: its that sort of thing/that makes you think to much

You just can't relax
And you can't rely
on anyone for anything
so you make your complaints
and all everyone's let you down
you just cant.. ever win
convinced theres a war on, its always everybody versus you
convinced that your critics are watching
and you've always got

Im not in the mood for talking. So lets just cut this as short as possible so I wont get mad at someone for no reason...

I like to throw this at my glass window when im angry because it bounces back and makes such a loud sound.. it makes me feel powerful.

Thats my son of a bitch phone that wont let me take voicemail. But I dont have to pay monthly bills and it lets me talk to my friends so I guess I like it.. I suppose since I take it everywhere and all...

My ex gave this to me. &though I want a PS2 I love it.

I love it when I can play something pretty that I created on my own without anyones help. Also... powerfull.

Some crap around my room. Thats my 35mm camera in that silver bag, and i have books there and guitar magazines. yah.

Heres my sanctuary that evidently isnt clean enough to be sanitary. Yet it is what I call my haven.

Do YOU know anyone who has an absopure machine in their house? Didnt think so.

I LOVE Fettuccine Alfredo... ugggh

My favorite person. Except when he barks.

My refrigerator. I love food so uhhh.

Holy crap KYO!!! jabootie!

and yeah thats a little piece of me. k. well.

bye now... </3
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